Nuestros Clientes

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Is committed to:

- Ensure that the needs of each client are met in a timely manner, offering solutions tailored to each context.

- On the one hand, to give immediate response to any type of incidence that may arise and on the other hand, to keep the client informed and updated about the circumstances of the event.

- To act responsibly in each service provided, committed to the sustainable development of natural resources.


- Preparation of Preliminary Environmental Impact Assessment (EIAp).

- Preparation of Effluent Disposal Study (EDE).

- Generic Environmental Management Plan for agricultural, forestry and livestock activities.

- Environmental Management Plan Compliance Audit Reports.

- Advice before SENAVE, INFONA and MADES.

- Adjustment of Environmental Management Plan.

- Change of Denomination.

- Change of Ownership.

- Elaboration of Satellite Images of Rural Properties.

- Surveys and Appraisals.

- Global Positioning Systems (GPS) Digitalization, Cadastre and Topography in general.

- Plantation and Maintenance of Forest Areas.

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